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Routine & Structure in Early Addiction Recovery Let’s explore. Stability is one of the most important reasons for having a routine. Going to work or school every day, attending meetings daily, exercising, making meals at home, shopping for groceries, getting together with family or friends—all these things provide a sense of stability and normalcy, which are critical for both short- and long-term sobriety.  Routine is especially important in the early months of recovery when temptation, cravings, and self-doubt can send you down the wrong path. Routine can help you reestablish lost trust. When you’re caught in the grip of addiction, it’s easy to neglect responsibilities like meeting work obligations, paying bills, making good on promises, and just generally being accountable to others. Establishing a routine and sticking to it can help you reestablish credibility with people in your life, including your parents, close friends, your employer, and others. Everyone benefits when you keep their website promises, fulfill responsibilities, and are fully present. Having a routine and daily responsibilities can help you rebuild confidence. Completing tasks and goals you’ve set for yourself can be very rewarding. You may not complete everything on your to-do list every day—and that’s okay. There are days you might feel exhausted or overwhelmed. Self-care is so important in these moments. Go to meetings, reach out to your sponsor, and talk with a trusted friend or family member. As you stick to your routine each day, your self-confidence will grow. Routine can prepare you for more responsibility. Staying sober is your primary focus during early recovery, but this singular goal won’t always dominate your day-to-day experience like it does in early recovery. You want to feel at peace and secure in your sobriety, but you also have other goals and aspirations. Routine and structure can help you build the confidence necessary to take on more responsibility down the line. Over time, you’ll know when you’re ready. Soon, things you thought were never possible, like pursuing your dream career, getting married, having kids, or starting your own business, may feel within reach. Having an excessive amount of unscheduled time on your hands can be a source of anxiety in early recovery. When you get up in the morning without a plan for the day, your mind can easily wander, and you may start to feel anxious. You may stray off in the wrong direction. Sticking to an established routine and staying productive can help prevent feelings of anxiety.

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do prescription drugs cause cancer