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For people with certain conditions, the benefits of using marijuana may outweigh the risks. However, with marijuana legal in California, it’s important to understand that using marijuana can have negative side effects. Some people are concerned because marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in some states. If you’re using the substance, you might be putting your health in danger. Detrimental marijuana side effects include an increased risk of cancer and heart disease, diminished lung function, impaired judgement while driving, reduced birth weight in babies, weakened memory and attention and mental health problems. Does Smoking Pot Increase Your Cancer Risk? Marijuana is often prescribed to treat the pain and nausea associated with cancer and chemotherapy. You might wonder if smoking pot can contribute to cancer because it requires you to inhale smoke through your airways. Studies have not found conclusive links between marijuana smoke and cancer. A systematic review conducted in 2005 looked at six studies and found no association between marijuana smoking and lung cancer. Other studies have looked into whether marijuana can increase the risk of other cancers. In one systematic review researchers found a connection between people with a particular type of testicular cancer and heavy marijuana use. However, the study had many limitations. Concerns About Secondhand Marijuana Smoke With marijuana legal in California , people are smoking in public more often, eliciting concern about secondhand smoke. One study found that the harmful effects of marijuana inhalation can last three Valium times longer than cigarette smoke. Although cannabis smoke doesn’t contain chemicals or additives, burning and breathing in pot can constrict your arteries for up to 90 minutes. This can lead to lung and heart problems. The issue lies not with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, but with the action of inhaling the smoke itself. There has not been much research into the negative effects of edible marijuana products. Smoking cannabis has not been linked to an intensification of asthma symptoms or other lung problems. However, one study found some evidence that aetna drug rehab facilities lung function deteriorates in regular marijuana smokers.

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should suboxone be taken with food
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